Welcome Aboard Sea Scout II

The Rocks Fishing Charters.

Friendly, professional and are Experts in fishing charters.

  • First time and experienced anglers, sightseers, mum, dad, kids, grandparents or the girls' day out, all are extremely welcome and gladly assisted by your owner/skipper and deckhand.

  • It's only 15 minutes boat driving time to our first Ocean reef.

  • Of particular note, especially for the ladies, the toilet is electric flushing, and private.

  • Our fishing techniques include simultaneous, float and weighted multi level whole pilchard baiting, live baiting, strip baiting/fillets of freshly caught legal fish and secondary - lure spinning and trolling if it is proving to be more productive.

  • We supply quality shimano rods and reels, overhead and spinning. No stretch, feel every bite, super braid Berkley "Whiplash" fishing line is also supplied.

The boarding times are is ~ 6.00am or in Summer 1.00 pm for afternoon trip

We build the party to a maximum of 12 guests, singles, two's etc. is not problem or you can book the whole boat for your group.

" Trolling only charters" are available, "Trolling only trips" must be a whole boat private charter for your group only.
"Shark Fishing Trips" must be a whole boat private charter for your group.


Quality shimano rods and reels, tackle, bait, sunscreen, biscuits, tips and assistance from your skipper and deckhand. Your legal captures can be released, shared or kept by you; your kept fish are bled, gutted, iced down and bagged for you.


- Yes, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! It is a must to contact us THE DAY BEFORE YOUR TRIP to check that the weather is suitable and you know where, and what time to be at the boat.

HAVE NEVER BEEN FISHING BEFORE, IS THAT A PROBLEM? - Not at all, we assist until all anglers attain a good fishing technique in a friendly team atmosphere. First time and experienced anglers, sightseers, mom, dad, kids, grandparents or the girls' day out, all are extremely welcome.

HOW FAR DO YOU GO OUT TO SEA? - Up to 30 kilometres but rarely more than 10 klms from shore, mostly 1 to 5 kilometres, it depends on the weather, target species and what's on the bite.

HOW LONG IS THE BOAT DRIVING TIME? - Approximately 10 minutes to the first Ocean rocky reef, a proven hot spot only one kilometre from shore.

WHAT DO WE CATCH, WHERE DO WE FISH AND WHAT WEATHER CAN WE EXPECT? We do fish all year round, on rocky reefs and surface working fish, starting from the entrance of the Bar to 30 kilometres from shore/10 to 100 meters in depth for Mackerel, Cobia, Tuna, Snapper, Sharks, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Sailfish, Marlin and many other rocky reef fish. Our fishing techniques include simultaneous, bottom fishing, multi level bait, float bait, live bait, strip bait, lure spinning/retrieving whichever is the most productive on the day. If unfamiliar, with those terms, don't let that "fish speak" worry you, we gladly assist/coach as required. Autumn, winter and spring has comfortable mild weather, approximately 20 degrees centigrade, day temperature. Summer, has typical tropical weather, often with cooling afternoon sea breezes giving approximately 30 degrees centigrade day temp. Summer has the advantage of more surface fish such as Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Spanish, School and Spotted Mackerel. Winter and Spring are our best times for Snapper, Pearl Perch, King Fish Ect.

WHICH DAY DO I BOOK AND DO WE FISH IN UNSAFE OR RAINY WEATHER? We recommend that you book your trip on a day early in your holiday/stay/window, so that we can reschedule in case of unsafe weather, (i.e. strong wind or and high seas) we don't reschedule if rain is forecast or if it is raining, there is often less rain at sea than on the land and cloud cover improves the catch rate on many species. Bring a rain coat.

WHAT ARE THE MINIMUM NUMBERS REQUIRED TO BOOK? - We build the group. Singles, twos, threes etc are no problem.

CAN I BYO? Yes, byo fishing gear, food, alcohol/drinks ~ no problem.

CAN I KEEP THE FISH THAT I CATCH? - Yes, unlike some charter boats you choose to either release, keep or share your legal captures, kept fish are gutted and iced down, plastic bags are provided if required.

WHERE DO WE BOARD THE BOAT AND AT WHAT TIME. For the 6.00am boarding please arrive approximately 10 minutes before

IS CAR PARKING AVAILABLE? - Yes, there is ample parking at the boat Shed where the Boat is moored,


DO YOU SELL GIFT CERTIFICATES? - Yes, our gift certificates can be purchased please phone us to make arrangements.